Monday, 23 January 2012

Norman's Iron Head

Norm's '79 in a '64 is going lower and getting a new rear guard,struts,seat and something will happen to the pipes. What a lovely machine.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012




Counter bored and cut down cover.

Honda seat

Made seat, fibreglass base,foam from cheap shop, it's gone off to Steve for some leather, was gonna be tuck and roll as the marker pen lines, but in the end I went for diamonds.

Knight time

Norman Webstars rear mudder, a thing of great rustiness. Also Normans Knight. I chopped off the rusty light bit and welded the knights head on.

A Saturday night in a shed in the Toon

Here's a friend of mine he made me a cup of Tea and we looked at his chopper and made rude comments about seats. It was fun.


Nice bender has landed, sportster frame will start soon.